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Cemetery Planting Packages

This year we are offering planting packages for cemetery gardens. We are honoured to bring the beauty of flowers to your loved ones gardens.


How to order:

STEP 1: Simply select a “package option” that indicates the amount of flowers you would like us to plant. You know the gardens better than anyone, so please keep the amount of plants in mind when picking your package. 


STEP 2:  Choose the cemetery location in the drop down menu found in each “package option.”


STEP 3: If needed, add soil or mulch to your order. This is only required if you think the garden need a top up.

STEP 4: Proceed to the checkout. After you process your order, we will email you a PDF Planting Information Form. The form you will receive will contain a flower selection list that corresponds to the “package option” you chose. You will be able to choose plant type and colour on the form. 


STEP 5: After you choose the plants that you want in your garden, email us the completed Planting Information Form.


STEP 6: This is OUR part! We will plant your garden for you and send a picture to your email once completed! 


***Please note, the price includes your flowers and the cost to plant them. It does not include any maintenance once planted. We do not offer seasonal maintenance.***

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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